Do the same sources seem to fail when it really matters?

Tired of stress and sleep loss from uncertainty?

Looking for answers?

Wisdom comes from experience and perspective.

We provide a fresh, compassionate outlook on your issues.

Are there new paths for you?

Life makes us pivot more than we want.

Mastering intention brings you the future you deserve.


Time to transform?

Our core features

Support for new and experienced seekers

We have worked with seekers who started in the 1970s all the way to people starting just now.

We are here to help you gain new perspectives …. so you can make better, more informed choices on your life path.

We will have classes in early 2018 on how to read situations, understand what is causing fear in the space and how to read what the best choices are.

Email to learn more

State of the Planet 2018

Every year, Michael describes what is coming for the following year. We call that the State of the Planet.

Click here to register if you are a single ($30):

Click here to register if you are a couple ($50):

Its done live at 9 AltaRinda Way In Orinda Ca 94563.

Doors open at 7pm, the channeling starts at 7:30PM.

There is one hour of channeling on what is coming in the next year and one hour of questions from the audience of a general or global rather than personal nature.

Text transcripts and MP3 downloads of the event can be purchased when you register,by emailing or calling us at 925-236-2296.

Learn how to channel!

You can learn to help others through the most trying of times. People don’t come to a channel with easy questions. They come when regular sources don’t work. 

This isn’t for the faint of heart. But we can prepare you for a life path of service to others through channeling.

Classes start in January 2018 !!!

email to get more details

What we can offer you

One on One sessions

Sessions can come in 15, 30 and 60 minute lengths. Longer sessions are available with 72 hours notice.

Monthly Forecast

We offer a free one page newsletter and a 12 to 15 page subscription based Monthly Forecast. These are co-channeled with JP van Hulle, another premier Michael channel.

Weekly Teleclasses

We call our weekly classes by phone our Telegroups. Michael North and JP van Hulle each teach one of the two classes each week.

What they say about us

About ten years ago, my life was in turmoil as I struggled with the death of my father, changing jobs, a suicidal spouse and the commencement of my only child’s high school years.

With his warm understanding and gentle prodding Mike guided me to discover my own solutions to these crucial, difficult situations, on my own terms.

These phone calls started a relationship of trust and humor and real learning on my part. Because of his guidance, I understand myself and my life more deeply and with more love for myself and others.

Anne Sumner

Michael North is an astonishing Channel.

His way of bringing forth the entity Michael is no nonsense, direct, trustful and compassionate.

Mike helped me to navigate a very difficult life situation that had multiple possible outcomes.

I go to Mike when I need to get the best out of my life.

Susan Arnold

I’ve use Mike to channel the Boyz (Michael) over several years. He brings it home for all things life purpose, relationship, business, and self-care.

I’ve lost count of the times that I have laughed myself in ecstasy and recognition of Source.

He’s been the secret to my “super powers”: insight, timing, confidence

Michael Moon

Mike North’s insight and channeling abilities have changed the way I see my life and the people in it.

I have a much deeper understanding and level of compassion when confronted with family issues.

It’s been helpful for me in communicating and letting go of my tightly held ways of being around family members. This includes myself as well.

Mike’s channeled information is like salve for the wounded areas of your life. I highly recommend his services for an on-going check-in process through all the seasons of your life.

Donna Colfer

Mike’s channeling Michael is first rate.

I have seen them get accurate readings on physical conditions inside a body (mine or others’ or pets) from a distance over the phone

Ed Hamerstrom

Meet our team
Michael North

Michael North

Michael North has been actively channeling since 1986.

He has worked with over 2,000 people to help them find perspective and context for their issues.

He can do both information you solely may need as well as advanced channeling on the changes impacting the planet. 


Our Guides

They go by the name of Michael because the last person who joined them was named Michael in his last life. You can call them whatever you wish.

There are 1,050 members of the Michael group of people. Each one led a complete cycle of lives on this planet, starting over 120,000 years ago. They finished their cycles of lives about 500 years ago.

They were Druids, Greek philosophers, Egyptian prophets, Japanese priests and much more.

They are here to help the planet understand how people operate and how we can co-operate more compassionately and effectively.


Michael North has been actively channeling since 1986. He has worked with over 2,000 people to help hem find perspective and context for their issues. He can do both the basic information you may need as well as advanced channeling on the changes impacting the planet such as politics, the environment and social movements. He helps people work through major life pivots. He works with families that are having someone pass or recently did. He consults frequently on challenging relationship…

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It all adds

We thank you for considering our opinion. The energy shifts this week forward again. It has been a long stretch of really, really freaky energy. Hard to manage, difficult to even fathom, yet strangely enriching now. The worst part of the year is behind you. The energy gets better and better each week. By end of May the seas will be calm. By mid-July, it can be as sleek and exciting as a good sail with a warn Trade Wind…

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The Best Teacher

We thank you for considering our opinion. You all have had great teachers in life. We ask that you think of one now. It can be from school or from work or from life. You can call them a teacher, mentor or friend. One thing they all had in common with all of you is that they gave a gift. They shared their wisdom, knowledge or affection and expected little to nothing in return. Maybe they had to. It could…

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Innocence in a crowded world

We thank you for considering our opinion. Today’s energy is innocence. What we mean by that is looking at every situation with as little pre-judging as you can. The energy around you is very complex right now. It becomes even more complex this weekend. Oh joy we here you say… Well challenging energy passes. We at a personality level forget that. We have a strong tendency to both think the energy we are in will never stop AND forget that…

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Re-litegating the Civil War

As always, we thank you for considering our opinion. Feel free to share it, it’s just an opinion. You make what becomes so. Charlottesville maybe the only battle fought in this war, it may not. But this is a refighting of the Civil War. The South has elected their leader. His forces have crept further North than they were in 1865. But this war is already lost for them. Its only how they lose it, not if. We all cycle…

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