We thank you for considering our opinion.

Today’s energy is innocence. What we mean by that is looking at every situation with as little pre-judging as you can.

The energy around you is very complex right now. It becomes even more complex this weekend. Oh joy we here you say…

Well challenging energy passes. We at a personality level forget that. We have a strong tendency to both think the energy we are in will never stop AND forget that whatever the energy is we are in will soon be in our rear view mirror.

You all might recall last May 1st as a particularly challenging day. But you may not. It was a Sunday and a HUGE parallel crashed into the one you are in now.

You might also remember that the week of the Republican convention as enormously challenging energetically. Yet JUST the following week, the energy shifted into the most harmonious energy of the entire year when the Democrats held their convention.

Energy rolls like the ocean across all of you.

The challenge of this plane is to greet others, more advanced in your mind or less, from a position of innocence.

From a position of seeing that they are a fellow traveler surfing the same ebbs and flows you are. They too are learning as best they can.

You all will eventually finish here and be equal again, given what ever scale or system you choose to measure others by.

So we ask you this.

If you will all be equals eventually, can you spend more time treating others as equals now?

You were before you all got to this planet, you will be when you are all done.

Can you see the equality therefore RIGHT NOW and welcome each other from the innocence of equality?

As always, we thank you for your time in considering our opinion. Feel free to share, it’s the second step in learning, after experience.