North Channeling provides channeling services, information productions, group classes by phone and channeling instruction.

About our Channels

Michael North has been actively channeling since 1986. He has worked with over 2,000 people to help them find perspective and context for their issues. He can do both information you solely may need as well as advanced channeling on the changes impacting the planet.

Michael North is well known for working with family members who are having or just had a family member cross over. He can work with medical issues, relationship issues or life pivots. He is well known for his political insights, work with global warming trends and business coaching.

Michael shares classes with JP van Hulle two nights a week and also publishes a free as well as subscription based monthly forecast.

Contact him by email at Michael@northchanneling.com or call his office at (925) 236-2296. He is also on Facebook asĀ https://www.facebook.com/michael.north1. His twitter handle is @michaelnorth. Mike can be reached at either of those platforms “virtually” every day.

About our Guides

They go by the name of Michael. They finished their cycles of lives about 500 years ago. They were druids, Greek philosophers, Egyptian prophets, Japanese priests and many others things. They are here to help the planet understand how people operate and how they can co-operate more compassionately and effectively.

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