We thank you for considering our opinion.

You all have had great teachers in life. We ask that you think of one now. It can be from school or from work or from life. You can call them a teacher, mentor or friend.

One thing they all had in common with all of you is that they gave a gift. They shared their wisdom, knowledge or affection and expected little to nothing in return.

Maybe they had to. It could be they were your parent. Maybe it was their job. That part actually doesn’t matter.

Because it became a great experience first because you accepted it. It takes two to learn, the teacher and the student.

The more challenging thing to accept is that really experience is the only teacher. Not the best. The only teacher.

You have lived many times. Each life you re-learn lessons you already knew. Let that sink in.

You knew geometry once. You knew about love before. You have had most of the experiences you have on the physical plane starting way back.

So teachers are really Reminders of what you already knew. They help you see what you saw previously and understood on an instinctive level.

The one exception is about doing something no one has experienced, like say space flight. You may have had guides to the experiment but doing something for the first time meant there were no teachers. Just guiders to the experiment and new experience.

When you encounter a younger soul, consider you are either a Reminder of something they learned in a previous life or a Guidepost for them to have a new experience, like space flight.

The steps are the same really and fortunately easy to execute. It’s so much healthier than mocking the “unreminded” or “inexperienced” to be one of those two people, the Reminder or the Guidepost.

As a bonus, you get better karma back every time you do it. Truly a win-win for all parties. And the Universe to boot.