We thank you for considering our opinion.

The energy shifts this week forward again. It has been a long stretch of really, really freaky energy. Hard to manage, difficult to even fathom, yet strangely enriching now.

The worst part of the year is behind you. The energy gets better and better each week. By end of May the seas will be calm. By mid-July, it can be as sleek and exciting as a good sail with a warn Trade Wind behind you, pushing you towards a new home.

It is vexing that life has good and challenging times. But it does. And neither last.

But two things are true. The net effect is progress happens eventually. You wouldn’t be where you are in this life without all the lives you have had. And all the lives of others as well.

Seconds, it all adds. Every experience is valid. Every act of kindness, no matter how small, prolongs a life. Even the worst challenges can be overcome. They all eventually are.

It always comes back to a balance point but at a higher level. We are on our way up again. Many who are leading improperly or became leaders improperly will be exposed, some accused, and several will leave. Exactly who isn’t clear yet. But it’s coming.

Even with that, it all adds. This window you just went through clarified who is with you and who is not. Now you will learn about how to be with them.

In the end though, enjoy it as it doesn’t matter how. This place is about WHO you are with. Whatever happens here adds to the lives of others for the rest of time.

A line is uttered by an actor in the TV show Lost. He slaps his head figuratively as says “ Oh my god, nature is the constant and humans are the variables. What we do shapes the world in very predictable ways.”

You do. The world will continue to go forward eventually and WHATEVER you do adds to the good of others and your future self.

Kind of the ultimate “Pay it forward”, don’t you think?