Weekly Teleclasses

We call our weekly classes by phone our Telegroups. Michael North and JP van Hulle each teach one of the two classes each week.

There is one call on Tuesday nights at 8pm ET/5PM PT and a second on Wednesday nights at 10pm ET/7PM PT. Each is by teleconferencing bridge.

There are about 15 people on each call. The call starts with some information from our guides named Michael. Then each person gets 5 minutes each week to ask whatever they want. Questions can be submitted in advance and be answered on the call. Each call is recorded and can be downloaded at any time. So you don’t have to be live for every call, you can listen at your convenience.

The cost is $40 a month for 4 calls a month, we take the 5th Tuesday and Wednesday of a month, if there is a 5th Tuesday or Wednesday, off so we can recharge ourselves.

Email Michael@northchanneling.com or call 925-236-2296 for more information.

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